Kideville Set – 30 students

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Kideville is a sustainable city-design project for schools who want to bring 3D Design and 3D Printing into their curriculum. From research to ideation, urban planning to sketching, 3D design to 3D printing; students become more equipped for the jobs of the future.

The kit includes:

  • Kideville Ocean Board  (60x45cm)
  • Teacher’s Handbook (A4 colour)
  • 14 Lesson Plans for a Term-long Project
  • 20+ Instructional Videos
  • Digital Pack with 3D CAD Project Files
  • 39 Design Brief Cards including: Infrastructure, Health & Safety, Community, Culture, Transportation, Energy, Science, Art, Food, Business, Education, Tourism, Sports
  • 30 Student Portfolios
  • 90 Island tiles


Add-ons total: